What we do

We provide experienced consulting across the full spectrum of sustainability management practices – from strategy consulting and implementation to organizational development to sustainability communication. Our services support you in achieving competitiveness in a changing market.

Improve your attractiveness as an employer – for current and prospective talent – by refining and communicating an innovative and inclusive corporate culture.

Use sustainability and CSR practices to your competitive advantage by discovering cost reduction potentials, integrating material cycles and minimizing risks. Create win-win situations which benefit both your firm and the society in which it has its place.

We empower you to implement more sustainable practices within your firm. Our contributions place you at the forefront of a forward-looking business community.

Our services at a glance

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Identify Key Topics and Fields of Action (Materiality Analysis)

Develop a Vision for Sustainability

Define Goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Innovation and Design

Road Mapping

Sustainability Rating (e.g., Ecovadis, MSCI, ISS ESG, Sustainalytics, imug)

Market Analysis and Benchmarking

Impact Measurement and Controlling

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Sustainability Management

Organizational Development

Facilitation of Transformational Processes

Executive–Coaching on Sustainability

Training and Skills Development

Sustainability Training

Data Collection

Data Management and Data Software

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Sustainability Reporting (GRI, DNK, UN Global Compact)

Integrated Reporting (IIRC)

DNK Code Declaration

Environmental Declaration (EMAS)

Online Reporting

Stakeholder Dialogue and Involvement

Interactive Events and Communication

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The coming decade will be one of purposeful action. Companies will have a decisive role in this process.

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Connecting corporate strategy and sustainability

Developing sustainable corporate strategies is what we do, this is what lies at the core of our consultancy services. We focus on aligning your firm’s sustainability goals with its key material topics – for a creative and viable solution. Effective corporate sustainability is purposeful and feasible – based on measurable impact and clearly defined goals. :response translates your firm’s sustainability vision into a concrete managerial approach marked with progress indicators based on established standards (Global Reporting Initiative, Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitskodex, ISO 26000).

Many companies and organizations aren’t lacking in ideas: their collective challenge is one of implementation – by carrying out change processes as a strategic initiative or as a powerful organisational unit. A good strategy is understood and incorporated: we help you to develop a convincing strategy.

Identifying the best approach to sustainability management involves careful analysis, evaluation and impact measurement. We support you and your team in this process by incorporating innovative problem-solving methods such as Design-Thinking and Theory U.

We build sustainability that lasts.

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Living sustainability, empowering people

Shaping and living sustainability

The most brilliant corporate strategy is not yet effective before it has been put into practice. We know implementation to be central to the strategic process. This is where intentions are transformed into results. In recent years, increasing numbers of industry-leading managers have thought about how to steer their organizations more effectively towards a sustainable practice. We take pride in having been able to provide many of them with our long-standing expertise.

Together with our clients we create lean management structures, implement their goals and evaluate their KPIs. We also support our clients in their data collection and data analysis, so that they can determine whether their strategy is truly effective.


Empowering people and organizations

Successful organizations allow strategy, structure and culture to interlock meaningfully and encourage participatory action at the individual and group level. Transformation means action. We stand by your organization as it moves towards sustainability, health and innovation, allowing you to achieve a meaningful effect even with limited resources.

We develop leadership, sustainability and CSR competency in managerial and executive positions.

We develop outstanding communication practices – at a time when everyone wants to be sustainable.

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Benefiting from collaborative processes

Communication establishes trust and transparency

An effective sustainability initiative requires solid communication practices. Over the years our internal standards have met rising demands for transparency and diversity of perspective in order to provide our clients with unwavering reliability. As stakeholders’ and employees‘ expectations shift, companies‘ practices must do the same. Communication today is effective only if it is believable and consolidated by action.


Participation and Stakeholder Dialogue

:response utilizes a concept for effective participation gleaned from years of experience. Within it we define success as Shared Value Added – as seen from the point of view of both the organization and its stakeholders.


Sustainability reports and communication

Consumers, employees and clients, as well as investors, want to know exactly how individual companies are putting their economic, ecological and societal responsibility into practice. To this end we offer everything from Sustainability Reporting according to GRI- and DNK-as well as fully integrated Sustainability Reporting according to IIRC to Digital Reporting – based on the individual needs of our clients.


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