:response offers you orientation and focus on the essentials:

We work with established standards such as the Greenhouse Gas Protocol for carbon accounting and the Science Based Targets Initiative for the formulation of science-based targets (SBT). Together with the relevant divisions and stakeholders, we develop a pragmatic and convincing strategy.

Why climate accounting and strategy?

Climate protection is one of the most central and, at the same time, most complex issues of our time. The creation of a comprehensive CO2 balance and the development of a climate strategy helps you to determine, control and communicate reliable climate information regarding your business. The advantages, but also the necessity for a commitment to climate protection are numerous:

To contribute to achieving the 1.5 degree target of the Paris Climate Agreement

To reduce the risks associated with climate change

To meet the increasing legal requirements in the area of CO2 accounting and climate protection (e.g. CSRD, EU Taxonomy)

To avoid reputational risks and greenwashing

To strengthen your competitiveness

Our climate-related services for you:

CO2 balance: We accompany you in the data collection process, and we determine the CO2 footprint of your company (“Corporate Carbon Footprint”) according to the standard set by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (Scopes 1 to 3).

Climate strategy: We formulate (science-based) targets tailored to your company, and together we develop a roadmap for you to achieve them. By calculating CO2 avoidance costs, we support you in choosing the most effective and efficient measures.

Science Based Targets (SBT): We guide you through the complex process of defining and submitting science-based targets.

Offsetting: We assist you in developing an offsetting strategy for non-avoidable GHG emissions. We select the most relevant carbon offsetting projects, that will have a real positive impact on the climate and also meet the highest standards.

TCFD: We support you in conducting the data-based Climate Risk Assessment (identification and evaluation of climate-related opportunities, as well as physical and transitory risks) and carrying out the scenario analysis. We also advise you on TCFD reporting.

Reporting: We support you in communicating your climate commitment in the form of a climate and/or sustainability report, including conception, editing, and design. As a CDP Accredited Solutions Provider, we also support you in the disclosure of your environmental data according to CDP.