:response accompanies you in reaching a convincing ESG rating, that will increase the confidence your company inspires in investors and the capital market. We are by your side throughout the entire rating process and support you in improving your ESG rating.

Why ESG ratings?

An ESG rating works similarly to a credit rating: it quantifies your performance in ESG areas and compares it directly to others in your peer group. ESG ratings are carried out by specialised agencies, each of which has developed its own assessment criteria.

Investors, clients, and NGOs are demanding increasingly transparent reporting on your environmental and social contribution. Therefore, a good ESG rating not only improves your company’s reputation, but can also facilitate access to the capital market, attract investors and facilitate financing.

ESG ratings are becoming the most important indicators of your success in sustainability. Your investors, competitors, and customers know this too.

Our ESG rating services for you:

Analysing your ESG rating for optimisation potential

Assisting you with identifying and managing rating-relevant ESG data

Aligning the content of your report with established criteria for ESG assessment

Choosing the most suitable ESG rating frameyork for your company (e.g. ISS ESG, MSCI, Sustainalytics, S&P Global, EcoVadis)

Providing operational support during the rating process

Improve your sustainability performance such that it is reflected in your rating

Visibly improving your sustainability performance and rating