Transformative Marketing

The Reinvention of Marketing through CSR

Strategic marketing may act as a guiding star in the development towards a sustainable way of business. This book introduces the reader to the concept of “transformative marketing”, whereby marketing practices are seen as moving beyond mere image and branding to becoming a central force for corporate development itself.

„CSR ist bei uns mehr als ein Marketing-Gag.“More than a PR stunt”: To an increasing number of companies, CSR is no mere ‘Greenwashing’ or ‘Window Dressing’, but a sincere and substantial component of their corporate activities. It is time to take CSR – and Marketing in general – more seriously.

Based on 20 years of Research and Consulting on the topics of sustainability and corporate responsibility, the concept of “transformative management” introduced in this book lies at the core of the successful implementation of sustainability practices. Its step-by-step explanation is preceded by a concise review of the scientific literature on the “Business Case” for taking corporate responsibility practices seriously – drawn from Marcel Stierl’s award-winning dissertation.

This publication is the first of a series of works aimed at presenting the concept of “transformative management” to a professional audience.

Available as an E-Book and in print (German only) at
Available as an E-Book and in print (German only) at