Sustainability in the Waste Management Sector

Within the framework of creating a Sustainability Report for our client, Waste Management Munich (AWM), :response has published a brief survey of sustainability in the waste management sector.

The survey focuses on municipal waste and offers an outlook on the challenges and possibilities of sustainable waste management in the local and global context.

Already the German waste management sector contributes meaningfully to the conservation of the natural conditions for life, the efficient use of resources and the reduction of emissions. Nevertheless, complex challenges such as global climate change and the European integration require further innovative strategies and sustainable problem-solving. Therefore, the survey below works with leading industry experts to identify five points of focus for a sustainable waste management sector, as well as concrete recommendations for further action.

The central results of the survey: An increased focus on sustainability offers not only solutions for existing challenges, but also entirely new possibilities for the German waste management sector – e.g. through providing an improved range of services, a favourable political framework or novel business opportunities as future provider of raw materials for the economy.

Link to the study (German only)
Link to the study (German only)