From January 1st 2023, there will be an obligation in Germany to offer #reusable packaging in the take-away sector. However, this does not affect delivery services, restaurants and cafés if they have a sales area of up to 80 square meters or a maximum of 5 employees. Consumers should be able to bring their own cups and boxes to these small businesses, into which the drinks and food are then filled.

You probably already know about to-go cups and bowls by now, but reusable pizza boxes? PIZZycle GmbH comes from our neighboring city of Offenbach and is declaring war on disposable pizza boxes (residual waste, by the way, because they are contaminated by leftover food). The start-up has calculated that in Germany alone, over 490 million pizza boxes are consumed every year.

We are curious to see to what extent the reusable obligation will make itself felt in our everyday lives. But first, we wish you a happy new year in 2023!

To the PIZZycle-Website

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